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Military Commanders of World War Two

Military Commanders of World War Two

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Harold Alexander

Juergen von Arnim

Claude Auchinleck

Feder von Bock

Omar Bradley

Wilhelm Canaris

General Dietrich von Choltitz

General Mark Clark

Admiral Darlan

Sholto Douglas

Dwight Eisenhower

Vice Admiral Frank Fletcher

Admiral William Frederick Halsey

Air Marshal Arthur Harris

Erich Hoepner

Lord John Gort

Heinz Guderian

Wilhelm Keitel

Ewald von Kleist

Gunther Kluge

Wilhelm von Leeb

Curtis LeMay

Douglas MacArthur

Erich von Manstein

Erhard Milch

Walther Model

Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery

Lord Louis Mountbatten

Chester Nimitz

Vice Admiral Jisaburo Ozawa

George Patton

Arthur Percival

Charles Portal

Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay

Neil Ritchie

Erwin Rommel

Gerd von Rundstedt

General William 'Bill' Slim

Admiral Raymond Spruance

General Kurt Student

General Alexander Vandegrift

General Archibald Wavell

Orde Wingate

Isoroku Yamamoto

General Tomoyuki Yamashita

Georgy Zhukov


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