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Reliable AMc-100 - History

Reliable AMc-100 - History

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(AMc-100: dp. 195; 1. 97'1"; b. 22'; dr. 9'1"; s. 10 k., cpl. 17;
a. 2 mg.; cl. Accenter)

Reliable (AMc-100), a coastal minesweeper, was laid down 18 August 1941 by Anderson and Cristofani, San Francisco Calif.; launched 14 February 1942; sponsored by Miss Ruth Sehmidt; and placed in service at Mare Island Navy Yard 9 March 1942, Ens. R. E. Brenkman in command.

After training at Local Defense School, Treasure Island Reliable departed San Francisco 24 March for her homeport, San Pedro. Assigned to the Western Sea Frontier, she operated as a unit of the San Pedro Seetion, Naval Local Defense Foree, 11th Naval District. Throughout World War II she ensured the safe passage of shipping in and out of Los Angeles Harbor.

Reliable was struck from the Navy list 19 September 1945 and transferred to the War Shipping Administration 11 October 1946.

A trust or confidence.

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